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I have been developing garments, handbags, interior decor, fragrance as well as designing fine jewellery. I believe that the design process is very much the same independent of the actual product. Materials can differ but my own process and methods remain the same. I keep on improving and strengthening my process and every year I find something new and interesting that challenges me, I love just that.

Developing brands and their products inside the fashion segment needs creativity as well as organization. This has been my professional career now for many years, and ideas continues to flow.

I have always been a strong believer of classics and sustainable esthetics. I was taught early during my design studies that the deep plate was already discovered but that it could always be redesigned in new personal ways. This idea I carry with me and I will always find possibility in something that can last for a lifetime.


Working experiences

I’ve been employed for both big and small companies, as well as running my own brand. I have been sitting in strong teams, but also had to challenge myself working on my own. I’m a highly motivated worker and care about my work. I love working with others and being social and believe that it gives important input.

Educated in Copenhagen at KADK, I was taught to be an innovative self-starter and combining artistic skills with entrepreneurship as well as a professional process inside designing commercial products. I chose early on that I would work with the fashion industry and so I do.

I’m currently working with developing a new Swedish lifestyle – Daily Elegance. With a cohesive and complete style from four categories of products. To see more from the brand, you can visit www.dailyelegance.se.

To see more of my achievements and background, have a look at my Curriculum Vitae, klick here below.

Curriculum Vitae