Born into creativity

I always say I was born into creativity; my entire family were creative in many ways. I saw from early age how beautiful It was to be able to express yourself through emotions, flavours, colours or entrepreneurship.

I have worked with many different techniques inside designing and developing such as painting, textile development, art and handicraft, ceramic and sewing. Everything I do springs from the same process of creativity and organization. I see art in colours and shapes, in the fragrances or flavours I meet or taste. All this I collect into my own pot and mix it about so it becomes a concept, garment or a layout that can be used in promoting and showing my own or someone else’s designs.

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My achievements

With a wide range of experiences inside the fashion industry where I have worked for big as well as small companies, I developed my skills which includes as well as fashion design, marketing, branding, layout, commercial strategy thinking and many more. Educated in Copenhagen at KADK, I am an innovative self-starter with experience of working commercially as well as running my own company.

I’m now working with developing a new Swedish lifestyle – Daily Elegance. With a cohesive and complete style from four categories of products I work with designs inside interior/ fashion/ handbags and jewelry. To see more from the brand and what I do you can visit

Curriculum Vitae

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